Raxstar’s Interview With Raaj Jones Is Coming Out Soon

Raxstar is a British Rapper from Luton Town who first came to light in 2005 with his creating accomplice Sunit. Their single ‘Keep It Undercover‘ has received tremendous love and the inside conflict when picking between taking after your heart and clashing with parental yearnings or altering.

Raxstar is known for making tunes like ‘Jaaneman‘ drawing from the effects of Bollywood and the smooth R&B records he grew up with. Portrayed as ‘The Ultimate Rap Ballad‘ was critically acclaimed in India and Pakistan cos’ the music video turned out to be a web sensation receiving more than 2 million hits on YouTube. Songs like ‘Flirt‘ DJ Surinder Rattan, ‘The Other Man‘, ‘Cold World‘, ‘Ego‘ are a few names that led Raxstar to achieve his fan base in the UK and internationally as well.

“Delhi ka sabse filmy launda” who is otherwise known as ‘Raaj Jones’ has been working relentlessly, making up for lost time with different rappers and examining their journies. To get the insider’s scoop on what’s happening in the artist’s life, this time he is accompanying ‘Mr. Hanji Hello‘ himself, Raxstar. Like always, if you have any questions that you want Raaj to ask from Raxstar then give your recommendations to Raaj Jones by commenting on his social media post and he will pick some of the best questions for his forthcoming interview.

Raaj Jones has recently announced that he is also going to drop an interview with Ikka that’s going to be his third interview with him.