Raxstar Releases, ‘Balwant’ And It Is Different


It had been a minute since I heard Raxstar and he is finally back with, ‘Balwant’. He teams up with Panasonic Mobile MTV Spoken Word 2 for this release and it is very different from what he does.

I know Raxstar to be absolutely fierce as an emcee with rhymes sharper than a gladiator’s sword. He is the poster boy for South Asian hip-hop in the UK and I have no inhibitions in admitting that I am a fan. His latest Balwant, however, is very different from what he does usually and has tried taking the commercial route.

Raxstar 1I personally feel that the track is okay-ish and honestly does not suit Raxstar. A person who usually sounds effortless in every track sounded rather uncomfortable in this one. His flow while rapping in Punjabi did not seem natural as probably this was not his signature style. However, the track sounds way better as soon as he starts delivering the English rhymes. I do like the structuring of the track and has a pretty tight composition. The track has a banger feel due to the music produced by Sunit Music, the same guy responsible for Raxstar’s hit single ‘Ego’. The mixing and mastering of the track are spot on and makes it sound crispy on any speaker, Mo Khan is the driving force behind the mixing and mastering.

“Yeh, she’s a dancer, she’s a dancer. She’s always ready with an answer Already had her heart broken so she don’t want to give another man a chance to She don’t want to dance with you, she don’t want to drink Fall back bro let her do her thing If you give your number she’ll put it in the bin Deleted and blocked for the DM that you sent.”

Check out the track right here: