Raxstar & Kanika Kapoor in ‘Ankhiyaan’ (Video)


Raxstar is a Luton, England based rap artist who is considered as one of the finest artists in the scene right now. He started off his journey in early 2000 but his 2005 single ‘Keep It Undercover‘ with Sunit was his first landmark in the underground. He has worked with names like Badshah, Humble The Poet, Fateh, Bohemia, Zack Knight, Mickey Singh & others. His songs like ‘Jaaneman‘ & ‘Bandook‘ are highly appreciated by his audience which resulted in his growing name today.

Kanika Kapoor is a vocalist who was born & raised in Lucknow, India. Her first single ‘Jugni Ji‘ with Dr. Zeus became a massive hit & in next couple of years Bollywood turned out be her thing. Her singles like ‘Baby Doll‘, ‘Chittiyan Kalaiyan‘, ‘Desi Look‘ & others are more than a big thing now.

Raxstar & Kanika Kapoor are here with a perfect collaboration ‘Ankhiyaan‘ for you all.

Fans of Raxstar have already heard the audio version of ‘Ankhiyaan’ because he released the same a few months ago. As usual, no one was there who didn’t like his then latest drop. After a few months, he decided to release a video for this single as it was being highly appreciated in the market.

‘Ankhiyaan’ is all about struggle that two people face in a bad phase of a relationship which leads them to the ultimate heartbreak. This is a melody driven track which features Kanika on the hook. Raxstar’s storytelling is something that is amazing. Strings sections in this instrumental gives this track an emotional touch. Lines like “I know you felt that pain like I shot you with a gun, So, strangers is what we must become” are definitely gonna take you to a emotional roller coaster ride.

Now, the video. Video is also about the same story as the song is. Starts with Raxstar roaming here and there with a tensed expression on his face which later transits into the realization of it being a dream. His well dressed and groomed looks are worth checking out. Music of this track was produced by Arjuna Harjai Ezu. ‘Ankhiyaan’ was written by Kumaar & Raxstar. Daniel Alexander shot the visuals for this beautiful piece which was handed over to T-Series for it’s final release.

Listen to ‘Ankhiyaan’ by Raxstar & Kanika Kapoor here :