Rare Interview of Guru Lahori by Raaj Jones


Guru Lahori has made some serious contribution to the Desi rap game in the past two years which has lead to him receiving love from Desi’s all over the world. Raaj Jones interviewed him to see how Guru Lahori is doing and what type of things are in store for him and his clique BEG in the future.

Check out the interview right here:

The interview starts with them starts discussing Guru’s name, Guru goes ahead to say that the name is nothing special and is just a combination of expert (Guru) and his birth city, Lahore. He goes on to reveal that he was born in Pakistan and moved to Toronto at a very young age. When Raaj asked him that who does he listen to and what was his inspiration, he replied by mentioning that everyone around him was listening to Hip-Hop and it was very prevalent on the radio. Guru did not take any names for his inspiration but said that rappers and things that work for humanity are his inspiration.

They went on to discuss why Guru raps in Punjabi to which Guru promptly replied because he is Punjabi. I liked how he defended his case by using the analogy of how white or black population do not learn Punjabi to connect with the Desi audience and similarly he does not rap in English, he does say that he uses Urdu and English every now and then but he predominantly raps in Punjabi.


Next agenda of the interview was the discussion why Kendrick Lamar was Guru’s favorite rapper, Guru mentions that he loves Kendricks story telling ability, rhyme schemes, and delivery. Raaj was inquisitive to know who will Guru be working with from the underground, to which Guru replied that time will be telling soon enough. They went on to discuss who Guru considers competition and Guru without hesitation mentioned his crew mate, Mohan Singh’s name. He also shared his feelings about receiving a shout out from Bohemia calling him the future of Punjabi rap. He also gave a shout out to Ikka and Manj Musik for sharing their BEG single, ‘Humble up‘.

Towards the end of the interview, Raaj asked Guru if he was ever going to get signed and Guru without stalling said there is no need for getting signed. He defended that claim by stating that they have no fake likes or no ghost followers, everything that their fans have witnessed is all organic. He gave an honest shout to his fans and dropped a killer freestyle towards the end.