Rappers With The Most Impressive Jewelry Collections

Rappers have their way to get notice while showing of in expensive cars, clothes and jewelry. When it comes to the last category, most of them prefer custom pieces to get everyone’s attention.

Some of them went all the way up while investing millions in their ice so below we decided to select ten rappers with the most jewelry collections.

Waka Flocka


Waka created a character for his chain and the rapper decided to rock a $120,000 piece to make a stand. Even if he doesn’t wear it that often, the rapper still holds a spot in our top.

Jay Z


Often seen as a classy guy, Jay Z had a true passion for jewelry at some point in his career. His $200,000 is made out of 11 pounds solid gold and even if the rapper went for a simple design, the piece still got a lot of attention.

Slick Rick


Slick Rick was one of the first rappers to wear heavy jewelry while making a public stand. His entire collection was estimated at $250,000 but at the time the rapper held the record with these numbers.

Kanye West


Kanye West wanted to be different so he asked for a Horus chain. The piece was estimated at $300,000 and even if Kanye doesn’t rock heavy jewelry no more, his chain still made Hip Hop history.

2 Chainz


2 Chainz doesn’t come with just one bling because he’s rocking a full collection on his neck. Experts say that his ice is $350,000, and by the looks of it, the ATL rappers doesn’t plan on stopping here when it comes to jewelry.



T-Pain just wanted to own a big chain to match his ego so this is what he asked for. BAC was estimated at $410.000 while being engraved with with pure diamonds. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

Lil Jon


Lil Jon always claimed Crunk was not dead but what better way to do that than to make a chain for it. His ice was made by Jason of Beverly Hills and it was included in Guinness World of Records. The piece was estimated at $500.000.

Mike Jones


Mike Jones must’ve suffered a heavy shock when his chain was stolen. Not because he lost his swag but because the chain was worth $1 million. To this day the rapper never got his ice back.



Long before Pharrell was standing for the human race, his ice game was on lock. The most expensive chain he owned was made by Jacob The Jeweler at it costs no less than $1 million.

Rick Ross


Rick Ross tops the jewelry game with a $ 1.5 million chain that portrays himself. The chain is made out of pure diamonds and it also features an outstanding design.