Rappers Who Want 2016 To Disappear From The Calendar

2k16 was somewhat bad to some rappers. In this article, we will be focusing on three rappers who had the worst year possible for them in terms of music, legal issues and mental breakdowns. If you haven’t already figured out about Kanye’s year you will in this article.

1) B.O.B

Rappers Who Want 2016 To Disappear From The Calendar

In January the rapper went on to rant about the Earth being flat. He later went on to join the Flat Line Society in march and musically this year was somewhere lost for the rapper. Generally, rappers have a beef with other rappers but B.O.B generated a feud with the well-known astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson eventually releasing a diss track against him titled ‘Flat Line’. This is one controversy theory which is ironically plain dumb. Furthermore B.O.B launched a sequel to the track and to our surprise had at least three mixtapes dedicated to the topic launched this year. We hope the hit maker for ‘Airplanes’ and ‘Nothing on you’ comes back to his senses in 2017. The majority of his fans have already withdrawn support because of his beliefs.
Listen to flatline here –

2) Kanye West

Rappers Who Want 2016 To Disappear From The Calendar

The Life Of Pablo has a following and this album was a Kanye classic. Musically Kanye has been killing it this year with TLOP. If you find Big Boss exciting you really need to see a Kanye concert that has more drama. Kanye has been going through a whole lot of mental breakdowns to physical exhaustion and has been on psychiatry hold during the year. Maybe mid-life crisis blues got to him and he went on to rant and insulting people out of the blue. From showing support to Donald Trump to canceling his tours this year has been crazy for the rapper. Let’s hope Kanye gets fit and his health becomes normal and he slays 2017.
Check one of Kanye’s rant –

3) Meek Mill

2016 not working out

Meek Mill has been musically somewhat good during the year but somehow the rapper always finds himself in the middle of a feud. With recently Young Ma sending a dildo to Meek’s girlfriend Nicki Minaj to the numerous beef he might have lost namely against everyone who released a diss track against him. Drake’s ‘Back To Back’ was just the start and The Game gave Meek a L so bad that next month Meek could apple for a license. Even Beanie Sigel dissed Meek out of the blue. But to recap some of the big names that have dissed Meek and gave him a L
1) Cassidy
2) Joe Budden
3) Drake
4) Beanie Sigel
5) Young Ma
6) The Game, to name a few.
Check out my favorite diss track against Meek –