Rappers That Were Accused of Stealing Music

Having a copyright infringement stuck to your background is never good news, especially if you’re a music producer.

Naturally, people will try to downplay your succes but that’s not the case for the following artists. Check out ten rappers that were accused of stealing music.

Ludacris – song: Be With You from Tyrone Davis – Be With Me


Not the first time Luda was accused of stealing music but this actually turned out into a lawsuit. The labels accused the rapper of stealing Tyrone Davis’ entire “Be With Me” idea as well as samples from the instrumental.

Nicki Minaj – song: Starships from Clive Tanaka – Neu Chicago

LAS VEGAS, NV - OCTOBER 31: Recording artist Nicki Minaj attends a Haunted Funhouse Halloween party at 1 OAK Nightclub at The Mirage Hotel & Casino on October 31, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Steven Lawton/Getty Images)

Clive Tanaka acussed YMCMB superstar Nicki Minaj of stealing the song “Neu Chicago”. Tanaka’s song turned into Nicki’s hit “Starship” and the accusations are still pending.

Wiz Khalifa – song: Black N Yellow from Maxamillion – Pink N Yellow


Apparently Wiz Khalifa got the “inspiration” for his smashing hit “Black N Yellow” from an up and coming rapper by the name of Maxamillion. The rapper had a song called “Pink N Yellow” before Wiz Khalifa and he even filed a lawsuit against the Taylor Gang emcee.

Busta Rhymes – song: Twerk It from Monty $$ – Twerk It


Busta faced quite some issues for his song “Twerk It” from another rapper by the name of Monty $$. Apparently Busta Rhymes stole Monty’s idea of the song as well as the beat.

Diplo and Azealia Banks – song: F*ck Up The Fun from Dutch Producer Master D


Dutch producer Master D is accusing Diplo of stealing the beat for “F*ck Up The Fun” with Azealia Banks. Diplo insists that he’s only promoting Dutch music and that he reached an agreement with Master D before the beat was used.

Kanye West – song: Stronger from Vincent Peters – Stronger


Kanye West faces yet another accusation of stealing music from Vincent Peters. The artist claims that Kanye stoled his song “Stronger” and promoted as his own.

Jay Z, Kanye West and Frank Ocean – song: Made in America from Joel Mac – Made in America


Jay Z, Kanye West and Frank Ocean stole the entire idea of their song “Made In America” from Joel Mac. Joel claims that he was stripped down from the rights for his song and that the trio never responded to his accusations.

Jamie Foxx, 2 Chainz and DJ Mustard – song: Party Ain’t A Party from J Rand – Party Ain’t A Party


Up and coming rapper J Rand claims that DJ Mustard jacked his song “Party Ain’t A Party”. Later on the song became Jamie Foxx’s single with 2 Chainz without any notice and the rapper is still waiting for an explanation.

Lil Wayne – song: Mirror from Ramon “REO” Owen – Mirror (the beat)


Lil Wayne’s beat for “Mirror Mirror” was never cleared by Ramon “REO” Owen, the music producer of the song. REO is still waiting for his cut but since Wayne is facing label problems the payment might never come.

Jay Z, Beyonce and Timbaland – song: “Drunk in Love” from Mitsou – “Bajba, Bajba Pelem”


Timbaland is known for adding exotic influences into his beats but singer Mitsou has a few words to say about that. According to him, his song “Bajba, Bajba Pelem” was jacked by the music producer and deliver to Beyonce and Jay Z for their smashing single “Drunk in Love”.