Rappers that Might Quit Their Career and Start Modelling

Being part of the entertainment business, you never know where your career is going to take you. Some people switch from being rappers to acting or from producing music to rapping but some artists might as well quit their career and start marketing their body.

Here are ten rappers that would make some serious buzz in the modelling business.

10. LL Cool J

He really could not quit his career now and start modelling, but that’s only due to his age. Back then when he was still young, LL sure had a rocking body.

9. 50 Cent

Who can forget those muscles that 50 was stretching in the “In Da Club” video? That Vitamin Water he’s been selling and drinking sure looks like it helps.

8. Nelly

Another one who ” could have dropped his career and start modelling” when he was younger. Nelly definitely maintains his body like a temple and his lips are just a bonus for the ladies.

7. The Game

A regular when it comes to sharing underwear pics on Instagram, The Game is definetely proud of his body. Hate it or love it, there aren’t many clothes that don’t look good on that body.

6. Drake

When he entered the game, he was looking like a child. Well look at him now, he has the money and music, the sweet words and an absolutely buffed body. What more can you want?

5. Future

He has a pretty nice body and some fashion style. Mix all that with his attitude and voice and  I’m almost sure he would turn some heads on that runway also.

4. Jaden Smith

The only one on this list that doesn’t have quite a career in rap but has a promising career in modelling. Jaden became the face of Louis Vuitton Womenswear in 2016.

3. BIG Sean

Even if he is not that buffed, Big Sean’s body is sure not one to ignore. He always looks dapper and it seems he likes to take care of himself.

2. August Alsina

Another one who likes to flex his muscles on Instagram. Although he is not too buffed up, August sure packs enough for the ladies to go wild.

1. Rae Sremmurd

These two younglings never miss an opportunity to show of their muscles. And due to the fact that they are so young, they are probably most fit to “quit their career and start modelling” (who would give rap for modelling?)