Rappers That Had Their Own Clothing Lines

Rappers are versatile people when it comes to business. A lot of them started investing their money in various brands but in the end nothing is better than being the boss of your own imprint.

Below we have a list with rappers that had their own clothing lines while making a decent contribution to the culture.

Jay Z – Rocawear


Back in the day, everyone wanted a pair of Rocawear jeans! Jay-Z was the man and all he was rocking was his own clothing brand. Through the years the hype settled down and the brand slowly went missing.

50 Cent – G-Unit clothing


Back when Reebok teamed up with 50 Cent to design sneakers, G-Unit had the Rap game on lock. The group also created their own clothing line and they made a decent impact in the market.

Master P – P Miller


At some point P Miller was selling out everything they had. Master P decided to jump in the business after he saw the saw the potential in the market and got a decent amount of cash out of the investment.

Pharrell – BBC Ice Cream


Before his famous Adidas deal, Pharrell pushed his own clothing brand for a while. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t make bank out of the investment but his design skills were decent.

Andre 3000 – Benjamin Bixby


Andre 3000 is one of the most talented rappers ever. The man focused his attention span everywhere, from cartoons to producing music and making clothes. His brand wasn’t really successful but we have got to give Andre the credit for trying.

Pusha T – Play Cloths


Before G.O.O.D. Music and before Adidas, Pusha T had his own clothing brand called Play Cloths. Unfortunately, the imprint made little to no impact in the game but Pusha learned some important lessons from the clothing business.

Diddy – Sean John


Sean John was on the same level as Rocawear at some point and that’s self-explanatory since the brand was owned by Diddy. The rapper had a long run in the business but the brand is currently under the radar.

T.I. – Akoo


T.I. is one of the most representative figures from the South so the Hustle Gang CEO decided that investing in his own clothing imprint was a good idea at some point. Akoo didn’t make bank but it never hurts to try new things, isn’t that right?

Fat Joe – FJ560


Fat Joe invested in FJ560 but the brand never made waves among Hip Hop fans. Even so, the imprint had some decent designs and Joe still moved some numbers.

Eminem – Shady LTD


Eminem’s Shady LTD was incredibly popular at some point in Hip Hop history. Every D-12 or Eminem fan was dressed in Shady clothing and obviously, the Detroit rapper made pretty good bank out of the deal.