Rappers Who Represents Mumbai Part- 2


Mumbai is known for producing best hip-hop artist in the country. In the past 2 years, we have seen Mumbai’s rappers has achieved a lot of success as compared to other hip-hop artists.

Some of them joined hands with a record label while some rappers are still struggling and delivering some good music. Mainstream artists like Raftaar and Badshah have always shown their interest in these rappers. They shared their work and supported them.

Here’s the second list of rappers who made Mumbai proud:

1. Tony Sebastian

Tony Sebastian, who goes by the stage name Stony Psyko DopeadelicZ is a rapper from Matunga. He spits his rhymes in English and Tamil. First and foremost, he works with a hip-hop crew called DopeadelicZ.

He is known for doing tracks with the internet sensation Shradha Sharma. Tony has also performed at the GiMa Awards. We might expect him in the Hard Kaur’s upcoming mixtape.

2. Diefferent

Sahir Nawab, popularly known as Diefferent is a music producer and rapper. He is the son of a Bollywood lyricist Nawab Arzoo. His music has a unique taste. The main influence of his music is his surroundings.

Diefferent tries to convert speaking of mind in the form of musical lyrics. He raps what he sees around him. Above all, he works with a hip-hop crew called Mumbai’s Finest.

3.MC Mawali

Aklesh Sutar who goes by the stage name MC Mawali is Marathi rapper from Mumbai city. He mainly writes songs about his life and the people he encounters with in his day to day life.

He represents a crew called Swadesi.He is the first rapper from Mumbai who raps on Konnakol and took the Mumbai rap scene on another level lyrically.

4. MC Todfod

Dharmesh Parmar who goes by the stage name MC Todfod is India’s first Gujarati rapper. He is coming straight from the streets of South Mumbai’s BDD Chawl.

Rajeev Dixit and his swadesi movement are his inspiration. His single “Cows” about the beef ban where he supports the ban is kind of a song. This guy is also has a feature on The Bandish Projekt in two of their albums.

5. Robert Bob Omulo

Robert Bob Omulo has influenced the Indian hip-hop and rap scene immensely. He is the founder of Voice Of Tha People, which is a hip-hop podcast, and website.

In addition, Omulo is credited majorly with streamlining and uniting the hip hop community in Mumbai. He has done considerable work in Hindi films as well.

6. The Siege

The Siege is a Mumbai based rapper. He is one of the finest young talents in the desi hip-hop scene who is doing dope work and trusts me, this guy is a beast. He rides a beat very smoothly and spat heavy bars on the instrumental.

Check out his work on tracks like “Kalam” and “Do Hazaar Soula”. He deserves to be on this list as he is brilliant with his art.

7. Tienas

Bobby Boucher who goes by the namesake of Tienas is a Mumbai based hip-hop artists. He spits his rhymes in English.

You can check his work on tracks like “Dead Rappers” and “Feel Like”. He is one of the dopest rappers from the city.

8. Kav-E

Lester Cardoz aka Kav-E spits in English as well as in Konkani language. In addition, he works with a hip-hop crew called Elsewhere.

kave lester cardoz

Check out his work on tracks like “Allegionz Cypher Series” and “Lost in Translation” featuring Enkore.

9. Ankit Harchekar

Ankit Harchekar is a multilingual rapper a and a battle rap artist from the Mumbai city. From my point of view, he is the one who battles in Hindi in the Mumbai city and he is pretty good when it comes to Hindi battle.

Last month he dropped his track “Swagat” which was a no chill track.

10. A-List

Ashwini Mishra aka A-List has been a rap artist and performer since 2004. He is a political artist and believes in rap-tivism and activism through hip hop.

He raps on issues of socio-political importance in the vain hope it can make a difference or create awareness.