Rappers From Nallasopara Released Something You Would Love To Listen



Rappers from Nallasopara, Mumbai –GRAVITY and Rhymix released their track called ‘Talash’ which is produced by Brayne Dead. He also did the mixing and mastering of ‘Talash’.The video of ‘Talash’ has been shot by INFINITIUM and The Rebel Seven from Shenaninganz did the editing for the same.

Akshay Poojary better known by his stage name GRAVITY is a rapper from Nallasopara, Mumbai and also the founder of the hip-hop crew called  Death Clutch. GRAVITY is also a member of the  Hip-Hop Collective Bombay Lokal. GRAVITY has dropped a couple of tracks earlier which was appreciated by the underground desi hip-hop community.‘Frederick Kaun?’, ‘Saaransh’, and ‘Shaam’ were his earlier releases. ‘Frederick Kaun?’ is a diss track which was made on Bollywood actor Salman Khan. GRAVITY’s major aim is to be the most versatile desi hip-hop artist and be experimental with every song and album he does.

Parth Mistry who goes by the stage name Rhymix is also from Nallasopara, Mumbai and also a part of Death Clutch and Hip-Hop Collective Bombay Lokal. ‘Talash’ is his debut track and he will feature in Death Clutch and Bombay Lokal’s future projects.

Rhymix is more focused on melodic music that appreciates his voice and smooth lyricism. Rhymix is new to the scene but with his debut track ‘Talash’ he made his place in the desi hip-hop scene right away.

Let’s talk about their track ‘Talash’ which is a combination of both styles. It has the calm of Rhymix’s smooth and melodic verse and the storm that is GRAVITY’s multi’s and in-rhymes filled aggressive verse. ‘Talash’ is an experimental banger with no hooks and just 2 verses on a banging beat something that is not done a lot in the Indian hip-hop scene.

There will be a lot more drops by them and with Bombay Lokal as well. They will be looking to push the envelope further by fusing experimental hip-hop with the roots of the culture and all the elements.

Do Listen To ‘Talash’ By GRAVITY and Rhymix Here: