Rappers That Got Involved In Politics

Getting yourself involved in politics is a risky decision if you’re an entertainer. Almost automatically you lose a part of your fan base while facing a lot of hate for all the things you fight for.

Check out this list with rappers that got involved in politics and dedicated all their efforts to change the system.



Not many people know this, but before signing with Death Row Records, 2 Pac was focusing his attention span on the social injustice in United States. He made quite some noise and even after his breakthrough with Death Row he maintained his attention on politics.

Public Enemy


Probably the most obvious name on our list. Public Enemy made a career out of political Hip-Hop and the group constantly fought for equal rights for all the people in The United States.

Immortal Technique


Immortal Technique exposed corrupt politicians through his entire career. He chose to remain independent and founded his own record label just so he could carry on with his political message.



N.W.A. influenced the L.A. riots while turning the city into hell for several days. The group was the message of the streets, while attacking social injustice and corruption.

Ice Cube


Ice Cube is Gangsta Rap’s biggest advocate. When the media was attacking the music gender for all the harm taking place in minority communities, Ice Cube backed up Gangsta Rap and broke down the truth with his single “Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It”.

Mos Def


Mos Def’s entire career was based on tearing apart the crooked system. At one point he exposed himself to force feeding to prove the harm that prisoners were put through while enduring this practice. He’s currently held in jail in South Africa.



KRS-One was one of the first rappers that took a stand against crooked politicians. The man is a open book when it comes to social injustice and after a long-standing career, he’s still fighting for the people.

Lupe Fiasco


Lupe Fiasco broke down in tears when he returned to his old neighbourhood in Chicago and saw that all his old friends were dead due to gun violence. He made a promise to himself to change the city and he’s working hard to achieve that.

Killer Mike


Killer Mike is constantly speaking out on police brutality and social injustice. He’s fighting for the community and his track “Reagan” made a lot of noise when the music video was released.



Just like Lupe Fiasco, Common is fighting hard to offer job opportunities to those in need. He’s facing a long battle but gladly he’s not fighting alone.