Rappers That Are Deeply Involved In Their Communities

No matter how hard they try to push their gangsta persona, Rap artists are still human being so what better way to express it than to become rappers that are deeply involved in their communities.

Some of them went as far as helping entire continents and some of them are just getting started with their charity work but below we’re going to give everyone credit for their commitment.

10. J. Cole

j-cole-Rappers that are deeply involved in their communities

Being evicted with his mother as a child left a mark on J. Cole, so now he funds rent free housing for single mothers to help them get back on their feet. Cole is an active member of his community and he’s also a strong voice for everyone in need of help.

9. JAY–Z

jay-z-Rappers that are deeply involved in their communities

His motives have been questioned but the facts still remain. With millions donated to countless organizations, including relief after 9/11 and Katrina, JAY-Z remains one of the most giving rappers of all time.

8 . Big Sean

big sean Rappers that are deeply involved in their communities

Big Sean started the Sean Anderson Foundation to help impoverished youth in Detroit as well as other parts of the country. Sean has been doing a great job with his foundation and it doesn’t seem that he wants to stop anytime soon.

7. Wyclef Jean

wyclef-Rappers that are deeply involved in their communities

When the 2010 earthquake hit Haiti, Wyclef Jean raised millions of dollars to help the people survive the aftermath and he still dedicates time to that cause. It’s a known fact that Wyclef loves his roots so he definitely deserves a spot in our top.

6. Kanye West

kanye-west-Rappers that are deeply involved in their communities

Since his famous “George Bush doesn`t care about black people” remark, Kanye West took upon himself to help others while working with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Doctors Without Borders to name a few.

5. Eminem

eminem-Rappers that are deeply involved in their communities

Everybody has been a secret Santa , but being a secret Santa for thousands of poor children in Michigan year after year and not taking credit for that is absolutely impressive! Eminem’s involvement was leaked by an aid worker but he still helps underprivileged children to this day.

4. Dr. Dre

dr-dre-Rappers that are deeply involved in their communities

Selling Beats for billions leaves you with some spare change to do good, and that`s exactly what Dr. Dre did. The man funded with his partner Jimmy Iovine a 70 million dollar program to create a new degree that combines design, production and marketing at the University of Southern California.

3. Diddy

diddy-Rappers that are deeply involved in their communities

His first major push in charity work came when he ran the 2003 NY Marathon to raise more than 2 million dollar for the public school system and terminal ill children but besides that. We can also mention multiple scholarships and guidance programs that are managed by Diddy himself.

2. 50 Cent

50-cent-Rappers that are deeply involved in their communities

50 Cent funded through his companies water projects in Africa, cash donations, regular food, clothing for the poor. We can only give him props for trying to chance the world, besides being a great rapper.

1. Akon

akon-Rappers that are deeply involved in their communities

Trying to bring electricity to 600 million people in Africa is without a doubt a huge deal, but this is actually Akon`s dream and he even put his music career on hold to do that. He recently stroked a deal with a Chinese company to provide extremely low cost electricity and free solar panels.