Rappers From Ambala City Talks About Their Hustle In ‘Duniya Farebi’


Simranjeet Singh Saini professionally known by his stage name Dope Rhymer is an Ambala-based hip-hop artist who did a collaboration with Rahul Badal. Rahul goes by the stage name Badal Da Rapper who also belongs to Ambala city. Together they decided to do ‘Duniya Farebi’. The instrumental of ‘Duniya Farebi’ is created by Case-G Music. NeelKanth Attri professionally known by his stage name Notorious Scorpio mixed and mastered the whole track.

Dope Rhymer is the first person who has embraced the hip-hop culture and improved himself to the point where he creates his own rhymes now. Growing up in a society which constantly contradicts itself on some rules and regulations left Dope Rhymer conflicted with his thoughts and through that came out the rawness of his rap.

Dope Rhymer grew up not only observing the society but also listening to hip-hop pioneers like Tupac Shakur and Nas. This helped Dope Rhymer to grow his talent which contributes to the realness of his art. Dope Rhymer has a special message to his haters that he is still in this race and he is not going anywhere and will be doing more tracks after this.

Badal Da Rapper was 14-years old when he discovered rap music. Badal Da Rapper is highly influenced by the one and only Bohemia The Punjabi Rapper. Moreover, Badal Da Rapper writes his own lyrics, the thing which he feels and observes in the society. Furthermore, Badal Da Rapper is in the rap game just because he loves music and he is not after fame and money.

The track ‘Duniya Farebi’ highlights the hustle of life and it is all about the fake world, fake people. ‘Duniya Farebi’ focused on the basic human nature that nobody is going to help you or even support you in the time of your struggle. We usually deal with two-faced people and snitches and the ‘Duniya Farebi tells us that at the end of the day only you got yourself, no one else. These are some lines from ‘Duniya Farebi’ “Rabba maneya tu badi sohni Duniya banayi par, Keho jehi Akal Duniya waleyan vich paayi/Doojeyan nu hasda vekh eh saale sad-de ne, Kise di charai nu eh Nahio Jarde ne”. 

These boys have done their bit and I’m sure you guys will definitely going to connect with this track.

Listen To ‘Duniya Farebi’ By Badal Da Rapper And Dope Rhymer Here: