Rap Wars 2016 | Meet The Finalists | Y-Brate

In this series, we’re getting to know the finalists who have defeated the other contestants from their cities to reach the Rap Wars Final, which is being held at Oasis’16, BITS Pilani on the 21st October 2016.

Full name: Neel Jatinder Bakshi

Stage name: Y-Brate

Age: 19


DHH: What are you currently doing?

Y- Brate: I am pursuing 2nd year Bachelor’s in Mass Media from Patkar College in Mumbai .

DHH: When did you start rapping? How old were you?

Y- Brate: I started rapping after watching the movie 8 miles, I was 16 years old then.

DHH: What attracted you to rapping?

Y- Brate: Eminem was the 1st person I got influenced by. I always wanted to do something creative but I didn’t know what I was good at. I knew I was into deep talks and thoughts and then 8 miles hit me so hard that I wanted to try it and so I did. My first lyrics were ‘when I saw the movie 8 miles I thought even I can rhyme with the same thought in my mind I took a book and wrote some shit’

DHH: What is your inspiration behind the lyrics that you write?

Y- Brate: I observe people, their lives, their struggles, the generation gap,  the sadness and the existence of God, these are some of the topics I like to cover, which I have in my last song ‘Wings’.

DHH: Where did you learn to rap from?

Y- Brate: Most of it on my own but my friend Roshan Chikodi helped me further by making me understand the song structure.

DHH: What are your songs generally about?

Y- Brate: About my life,  the people I know; their life,  my parents, my relationships, the wrongs, the rights and God.

DHH: What is the best part about being a rapper?

Y- Brate: You turn to be an influential speaker.

DHH: What is the most challenging part?

Y- Brate: You can’t quit. No Matter how angry you are or stressed about not making moves, you just can’t quit.

DHH: What are you working on right now?

Y- Brate: I am currently writing songs and piling em up to make a mixtape

DHH: Do you plan on pursuing this full-time in the future? If no then why and what is your career choice?

Y- Brate: I have always planned to be a rapper and yes if I am able to, I will do it full time but I am studying Mass Media so I can earn on a monthly basis and still be putting my songs out.

DHH: What has your family’s reaction been to this talent of yours?

Y- Brate: They didn’t like it at the start and they don’t like it still, but it didn’t stop me from doing it.

DHH: What does rapping mean to you?

Y- Brate: It means everything to me. Its been there to help me at my worst times and I even do it when I am happy. Rap taught me to invest in myself more than anything

DHH: Which artists, International or Indian, are your inspirations?

Y- Brate: I have a long list . Drake, MGK,  John Lennon, Kurt Cobain,  Jim Morrison,  Snoop Dogg,  Big Sean,  Kanye West,  Eminem and the International list goes on. Indian – Brodha V,  Enkore I loved his last album, I keep following Poetik Justis his mixtape Greatness Shaikhspear. 

DHH: What was the feeling like when you make someone listen to your rap for the very first time or when you performed your rap on stage for the very first time?

Y- Brate: Performing for the first time was crazy. It was in my college, no one understood though but it felt too good and the first time people heard my song was not that great but the best feeling was when they wanted to hear more songs and were asking about my new songs.

DHH: What’s the key to being a successful rapper?

Y- Brate: The key to being successful in anything is to be persistent. Not to stop. Not to quit.

DHH: If you had to describe yourself to someone who doesn’t know you at all, what would you say? (What are your interests other than rapping, are you an introvert/extrovert, what is the one thing that you are well-known among your friends for other than rapping? Are you always bubbly and cheerful or do you often keep to yourself etc)

Y- Brate: I am an extrovert. I am an editor. I am into making short films and I have made my videos and directed them myself. My friends know me as a person who is always up for debates. I am the one people hit up for deep talks. The alcohol friend.