Rap Wars 2016 | Meet The Finalists | Valentino

In this series, we’re getting to know the finalists who have defeated the other contestants from their cities to reach the Rap Wars Final, which is being held at Oasis’16, BITS Pilani on the 21st October 2016.

Full name: Valentino Alvyn Salvador

Stage name: Valentino Salvador

 Age: 18


DHH: What are you currently doing?

VS: I am currently reading in Don Bosco School Park Circus. So basically I’m a student.

DHH: When did you start rapping? How old were you?

VS: I started rapping when I was in class 9, I was around 16.

DHH: What attracted you to rapping?

VS: Well, I would say fame attracted me to rapping, you know like who wouldn’t want to be the most popular kid in school.

DHH: What is your inspiration behind the lyrics that you write?

VS: The inspiration behind the lyrics that I write in my songs would be my feelings, my mood, my inspirations, you know like something attached to me. It’s not that I take the pen and just write a song; there is always a reason behind it and I have a story to tell the audience each time I rap because isn’t that what rap is?  Poetry is the way you express your feelings, so I can inspire someone else with what inspires me to rap. 

DHH: Where did you learn to rap from?

VS: Well, honestly speaking I never learnt to rap from anywhere. It just came automatically to me, I just played around with it for a couple of years and I got really good at it.

DHH: What are your songs generally about?

VS: My songs are generally about people who are never heard off or ignored in the crowd. I know what it’s like to be a loner and be ignored but my songs are mostly about the emotions of a human being because that’s how I relate from one person to another and also to myself and my life.

DHH: What is the best part about being a rapper?

VS: The best part about being a rapper is that I can finally get to express my feelings and also gain my fame but that’s not the end game, the best part would be about inspiring people around me and be spreading the knowledge I have to youngsters and set a good example to people who love my music. So well mostly inspiring someone would be the best part of being a rapper.

DHH: What is the most challenging part?

VS: The most challenging part of rapping would be the part of going with a flow and following a rhythm and especially when you have to make a track. It’s like I need to know where to place what in order for it to be perfect.

DHH: What are you working on right now?

VS: I am working on how to get people to listen to my music and my story and inspire people and also my dream of becoming the first rapper from our country to win a grammy.

DHH: Do you plan on pursuing this full-time in the future? If no then why and what is your career choice?

VS: It is my wish to pursue this in future as a full-time career as it is the only thing I am good at and if this doesn’t work out I would pursue Hotel Management training as my career .

DHH: What has your family’s reaction been to this talent of yours?

VS: Well my family had no reactions but they certainly have taken action in the case of me leaving it. They say I’m not gold enough even though I’ve been chosen as a finalist for Rap Wars and am representing my state. They think it’s a complete waste of time and it’s not worth it, at all.

DHH: What does rapping mean to you?

VS: Rapping means everything to me. It is the only thing that keeps me calm and allows me to express myself and it means the world to me.

DHH: Which artists, International or Indian, are your inspirations?

VS: Artists who are my inspiration would be Drake, Eminem, Chris Brown, Tyga, Brodha V, Vivian Divine and last but not the least Bruno Mars. 

DHH: What was the feeling like when you make someone listen to your rap for the very first time or when you performed your rap on stage for the very first time?

VS: Well, the feeling of making a person listen to my song is amazing because each person who has heard my rap was like, “dude is that you doing that ??” So their reactions and appreciations mean a lot to me, it gives a feeling of joy and satisfaction that I have done something good and my hard work paid off and when I performed on stage. The response was phenomenal and it feels like a dream come true

DHH: What’s the key to being a successful rapper?

VS: The key to being a successful rapper is to be yourself and be good at what you do and never be fake, keep everything you do real because we live in a world of reality. Worship your talent as you worship your God because it has been given by the almighty and you use it for all the right purposes.

DHH: If you had to describe yourself to someone who doesn’t know you at all, what would you say? (What are your interests other than rapping, are you an introvert/extrovert, what is the one thing that you are well-known among your friends for other than rapping? Are you always bubbly and cheerful or do you often keep to yourself etc)

VS: Well to describe myself to someone who doesn’t know me at all I would say that I am just an ordinary person like anybody and I love music as it is my oxygen and I can’t live without it. My interests other than rapping would be dancing and beatboxing as I am a good dancer and also a beatboxer and I love going out and exploring new places. I’m well known among my friends for dancing other than rapping and also for having so many God gifted talents like graffiti making and designing.

I am very friendly, bubbly and jolly by nature and I don’t mean to brag too much but yeah, that’s it, I’m humble and polite as long as the person is the same to me, otherwise I can be rude and very nasty… just kidding I do have a habit of joking all the time and a very bad sense of humour.