Rap Wars 2016 | Meet The Finalists | Sage

In this series, we’re getting to know the finalists who have defeated the other contestants from their cities to reach the Rap Wars Final, which is being held at Oasis’16, BITS Pilani on the 21st October 2016.

Full name: Sage Quintal

Stage name: Sage

Age: 31


DHH: What are you currently doing?

SAGE: I work in the operations department in an event management company 

DHH: When did you start rapping? How old were you?

SAGE: When I was 20

DHH: What attracted you to rapping?

SAGE: Being true to yourself. I can express myself when I want. Rap is the best way to do so. 

DHH: What is your inspiration behind the lyrics that you write?

SAGE: The Truth.

DHH: Where did you learn to rap from?

SAGE: By myself

DHH: What are your songs generally about?

SAGE: People around me, the things that go on in the world. 

DHH: What is the best part about being a rapper?

SAGE: Expressing myself in the best way I know.

DHH: What is the most challenging part?

SAGE: I came from a small town called Kharagpur in West Bengal. Everyone thought I would not be able to do anything in life I had an issue with my legs and my grandfather got it operated. I was 5,  I had no parents to guide me, my grandfather did everything for me  but he did not have enough money to put me through school. I started selling milk and worked in a hotel when I was a boy. At the age of 18, my father’s sister got in touch with me and I met them, that was the first time I meet my father’s side and my father.

I started working as a labour in Reynolds Sound & lighting, this when I was introduced to live music. But work came first because I had to survive and become what I am right now.

DHH: What are you working on right now?

SAGE: I trying to get a rap group together, it is work in progress.

DHH: Do you plan on pursuing this full-time in the future? If no then why and what is your career choice?

SAGE: Yes, I am.

DHH: What has your family’s reaction been to this talent of yours?

SAGE: I would not give a shit what they think. But my wife is my biggest support right now.

DHH: What does rapping mean to you?

SAGE: A way of life.

DHH: Which artists, International or Indian, are your inspirations?

SAGE: Jazz music

DHH: What was the feeling like when you make someone listen to your rap for the very first time or when you performed your rap on stage for the very first time?

SAGE: I feel free in my mind no boundaries.  I feel happy.

DHH: What’s the key to being a successful rapper?

SAGE: Never stop doing it just keep going.

DHH: If you had to describe yourself to someone who doesn’t know you at all, what would you say? (What are your interests other than rapping, are you an introvert/extrovert, what is the one thing that you are well-known among your friends for other than rapping? Are you always bubbly and cheerful or do you often keep to yourself etc)

SAGE: To someone who does not know me I’d say let’s hang out. I love having fun and if I want to say something I cannot keep it inside of me; I will tell you what I want to. My friends know me as a fun loving person. You cannot always be happy but yes when I am out with my friends I keep my personal life to myself. I express myself through my rap.

Other than music my family (wife and daughter) is all that matters.