Rap Wars 2016 | Meet The Finalists | Piku Ross

In this series, we’re getting to know the finalists who have defeated the other contestants from their cities to reach the Rap Wars Final, which is being held at Oasis’16, BITS Pilani on the 21st October 2016.

Full name – Piku Jha 

Stage name – Piku Ross

Age – 22


DHH: What are you currently doing?

PIKU: Currently working as a rapper, R&B singer and lyricist in Delhi, Punjab and Mumbai.

DHH: When did you start rapping? How old were you?

PIKU: I started in 3rd-semester B.Sc. with Maths(Hons.), I think I was 17 years old at that time .

DHH: What attracted you to rapping?

PIKU: I remember the track “Kali Denali” of Bohemia paji; that was the first rap I used to practice and I got attracted towards rap, downloaded more rap tracks of Paji and kept practising and learning them .

DHH: What is your inspiration behind the lyrics that you write?

PIKU: Inspiration behind my lyrics, I can say what I observe I pen down on paper , true things, nature, the world, my society, my surrounding etc. 

DHH: Where did you learn to rap from?

PIKU: I would say I have learned by practising Bohemia Paji’s rap songs. I remember I had all of his tracks and used to practice them in the park late night. I would rap everywhere, like when I was on the way to my college I was practising at that particular time on the roads like a mad boy. As time went by, I started going to local studios and then I took rapping as a profession and got suggestions like don’t copy anyone. It was a hard nut for me but I accepted it and worked on my own style and own voice, I worked on myself to build a better rapper. Whenever anyone would point out mistakes, I worked on them rather than thinking that they said negatively about me it means they are jealous of me or they are my enemies .

DHH: What are your songs generally about?

PIKU: I try to make a song that will give a message to the listeners and good preachers I can say because if we have the talent we should use it in a useful way so that our current and future generation can learn  something from my songs. At the end of the day, I love to make a song that will spread love and unity rather than a song full of explicit, cheap and show off material .

DHH: What is the best part about being a rapper?

PIKU: The best part is that I use to be the centre of attraction for everyone, where ever I go people ask me to rap something and they got attracted, I can impress anyone with my words , people love my style, my way of living, my personality .

DHH: What is the most challenging part?

PIKU: Most challenging part I can say is to write a rap that would be loved by everyone. I write by keeping a lot of things in my mind like lyrics should give a message, it should have a story, it shouldn’t hurt any individual, it should be true shit (for example if I am in Delhi and I am talking that I have a residence in Las Vegas, I am a gangster , I use AK-47 blah blah blah, if you would write fake you are not a real rapper)

DHH: What are you working on right now?

PIKU: Apart from hardcore rapping I am a lyricist and a composer too. I used to write Punjabi, Sufi, Hindi all kinda stuff, I’m writing for some big projects in Mumbai and Delhi as a lyricist, working on my own song videos and a few pure Hip-Hop tracks too are in pipeline. I hope the audience would love my work .

DHH: Do you plan on pursuing this full-time in the future. If no then why and what is your career choice?

PIKU: This is my profession and passion, I only know how to rap and write lyrics, if I would get out of it I won’t have any option in life. I am working hard and you only taste success one step at a time, nobody gets fame overnight . You have to keep patience, make links, keep moving and gradually nobody can stop you .

DHH: What has your family’s reaction been to this talent of yours?

PIKU: See being a science student in 12th and a mathematics honours student in college you suddenly start rapping or do anything new apart from your own shit then it is really tough for your family to accept that even your relatives, friends think what suddenly happened to this boy. They called me mad as Instead of opting M.Sc. I opted to rap as a career. I got taunts from relatives, from my siblings, from every family related person, and yes I’m from Bihar so in a Bihari family I was the first one who took the historical step I can say (hahaha). They said you’re from Bihar how can you rap, how can you do this, how can you dress like this, this that and everything, but I think I was born to break all these restrictions, all cast classified jobs, and yes I was born to rap. This is the most important thing .

DHH: What does rapping mean to you?

PIKU: Rapping is life for me because if I didn’t own this art then I was nothing. It gave me confidence, I have learnt how to live, how to speak well, I think it was (is) like a good teacher to me because in school and colleges we only study for getting numbers but rapping taught me that your personal abilities, your approach to life, your skills are more important than these digits. It taught me not to run in midst of sheep’s but to make your own way by doing something different from others. It is like a friend who is always with you whether you are in prosperity or you are in sorrows, it keeps me boosted by giving me positive approach towards life.

DHH: Which artists, international or Indian are your inspirations?

PIKU: Bohemia paji was and still is Dronacharya to me as I learned a lot from him and his evergreen tracks. I would love to share a story with you, Ikka Singh Paji and I used to study in the same school when I was in 9th standard (2007); Ikka paji has been rapping since then when I didn’t even know what rap was. I got to know from my friends 3 years ago that he was from my school and that made me so proud and I respect him a lot because the guy achieved a big name in the industry by his hard work instead of getting affected by society’s taunts and bad sayings. When I listen to Ikka Paji,  I don’t know why I get an infinite boost, he is also a role model for me. I relate myself to him due to several reasons .

I listen to everyone, but Ikka paji and Bohemia paji are the idol for me.

DHH: What was the feeling like when you make someone listen to your rap for the very first time or when you performed your rap on stage for the very first time?

PIKU: I remember I performed my track “What is Hip-Hop” over instrumental in my college. I wrote and arranged that rap just two days before performing and I wasn’t sure it would set the stage on fire but as I started performing a girl shouted “Oh my god! Ye toh aag hi laga di” ,and the whole crowd was mad for that track and yes I remember when I left the stage there was a lecturer who came to me and said, “You were very good beta.” That was a proud moment for me .

DHH: Whats the key to being a successful rapper?

PIKU: Hardwork , dedication , good work , patience , confidence , consistency , respect for other artists .

DHH: If you had to describe yourself to someone who doesn’t know you at all, what would you say? (What are your interests other than rapping, are you an introvert/extrovert, what is the one thing that you are well-known among your friends for other than rapping? Are you always bubbly and cheerful or do you often keep to yourself etc)

PIKU: Apart from rapping, I used to create fake comedy stories for fun and make my friends and other people laugh. I can make anyone laugh within minutes, my friends even suggest me to do comedy :D