Rap Against Rape by BomBaebs


Be it Indian films or popular music, sexism is something we have grown up with. It’s so ingrained in our social conditioning and things around that we often don’t realise how distasteful and disrespectful some of it is to women. With the statistics for rape rising at an alarming rate, an influential artist such as Honey Singh uses lyrics that are sexist, something that is considered to be spreading hatred against women, there will be some kind of a response. This time, it’s the BomBaebs rapping against rape in their new rap song produced and sung by two media professionals from Mumbai. Pankhuri Awasthi and Uppekha Jain, who have sung and produced the song released it on their YouTube channel called BomBaebs with a disclaimer saying “This video doesn’t have any explicit or bannable (sic) content. It is just the reality for women in India is Explicit.”  The video has received more than 610,914 view and still going.


The rappers were reacting to the way women’s issues are dealt with and the way they are treated in our society. The video was shot in a day and uploaded the next day, an expression of what was going on in their minds. The rappers are media professionals who wanted to do whatever they could through their work to create an impact and bring about change. They did their research to come up with the lyrics, specifically highlighting the issues that were recent and appalling to women. One of the main ironies the girls point out is how Indians worship Indian Goddesses but put down their own daughters by calling them a disgrace. The video showcases Pankhuri and Uppekha holding placards with hashtags that say #DomesticViolence and #Rape.

While the video has spurred interest and awakening against the real problems that women face every day, they were bombarded with comments supporting them but then there were few who urged them to move to another country if they have problems with how this country works. Comments such as “Go to foreign countries…they are civilized…” “What have you done to change the things in the real world? Just blaming doesn’t change anything….” “ Do you want India to become U.S?” and so on. Some of the positive comments include, “Empowerment is a threat to them!! Well done BomBaebs and I sincerely hope that Indian youth change this disgusting repressive mindset..”

With the video becoming a talking point about women’s issues, it has definitely done the work the girls intended it to.