Rap Music’s Journey In Bollywood!

Bollywood has always been known for its versatility and is referred as one of its kind in Film industry worldwide. It has always been a center of attraction for Music and Dance. As a matter of fact, the influence of Rap music in the film industry is very old, starting from the era of 90’s when Baba Sehgal gave his first rap song Song to Bollywood. ‘Thanda Thanda Pani’ was one of the hits during those days.

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Gradually, we came to know about Punjabi rap when Bohemia was asked to do a rap song for Akshay Kumar. Yes, the movie was ‘Chandni Chowk To China‘. The title track of the movie was done by Bohemia which turned out to be a massive hit.

After the success of this song, many similar songs were made in Bollywood. It was in the year 2008 when for the first time Indian Film Industry invited an international rapper. In the movie ‘Singh Is King‘, RDB invited Snoop Dogg. However, this was followed by another track for an Indo-Canadian movie, ‘Speedy Singh‘. This time it was Ludacris who was invited for ‘Sheraa Di Kaum‘.

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The stage was set and the producers of the movies were aware that rap music sells in Bollywood. One of the artists, to be named, was Yo! Yo! Honey Singh. His album ‘International Villager‘ came out in 2011 and was an instant  hit. He became widely popular in Bollywood. Yo! Yo!  Honey Singhwas first noticed after his debut song in the Bollywood film ‘Shakal Pe Mat Ja‘ featuring Gagan Sidhu. He charged 7 million INR for a song in the film ‘Mastaan‘. This is the largest amount paid to a song artist in the film indystry to date making him one of the highest-paid artists in Bollywood.

On the other hand, many artists like Badshah, Raftaar, Ikka etc. emerged in the commercial business. From past few years, we have witnessed that the rap tracks are top in music charts. This proves that the future of rap music is bright and in coming years, we will be seeing more successful rap artists. 

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