Rap Engineers Took A Stand Against Kali Denali Music #GodsWillBleed

Those who’ve been closely following the Desi underground scene from recent years must have heard the name of Rap Engineers. They are a standout amongst the most prestigious Hip-Hop groups from Islamabad, Pakistan and have been aiding in the development of rap culture from right around 10 years now. Rap Engineers remain steadfast with members like Muhammad Dar (Xpolymer Dar), Usman Ghauri (BCL Blade), Yaruq Masood Malik Maddy Khan.

Rap Engineers announced their collaboration with Lazarus a few days ago which was affirmed and then canceled by Lazarus himself as a result of his association with Kali Denali Music. There was no official articulation discharged from both of the ends. However their individual fans were disillusioned and needed a reason for everything that happened.


So, Rap Engineers released a statement on their web-based social media platforms in respect to the issue that they confronted on account of Kali Denali Music’s association on December 13, 2016. Their post was a response to the question that their fans wanted an answer for. Rap Engineers stated that more than half a decade ago their past member r rhymed Bohemia’s name with Pneumonia in a little gig that had around 150 individuals as gathering of people. They took the guarantee that this act was done with a goal of fun & was not meant to be taken seriously by him as the artist who did that also rhymed the names of other popular rappers of that time and has left the scene for years now.

Rap Engineers

Their music and approach towards music has been changed and they’ve proved their existence in the scene several times now. This feud was mainly being targeted on J. Hind before their statement but in this statement they mentioned Bohemia & claimed that he is an ‘Insecure Mind’ & J. Hind acts as his mouth. Rap Engineers took it even further when they claimed that they’ve the proof for whatever they are claiming against Kali Denali Music & will be released for the public at the right.

No statement from Kali Denali Music has come out as of now but Rap Engineers track ‘CPEC’ that had Lazarus’ verse on it is coming out next month without him. Kali Denali Music have their another major release next month ‘MTBK‘ which features Lazarus on it. What are your thoughts on the whole controversy? Write down in the comment section below.