Rap Engineers Have Dropped ‘CPEC’ And It Is Here To Stay.



From facing revoke by Kali Denali Music to Lazarus taking a step back from the collaboration, ‘CPEC‘ by Rap Engineers has seen it all. After a delay of almost two months from the initial announcement, ‘CPEC’ is finally here and has proved why the anticipation was real. This old-school track was produced and engineered by Usman Ghauri who is also known as BCL Blade or simply Ghauri. He has done a great job at producing this brilliant scratch-filled instrumental and Xpolymer Dar has been a rider on this one. Dar is not known for this type of tracks as a majority of his music is either filled with deep thoughts or with an extreme sense of anger.

Rap Engineers

Dar wrote this track to spit bars and punchlines throughout the track. “K2 te bethaa nazar cheel vaangu rakhi shikaar te/ Tidd bhareya naee te vairee ne Radar te” is not only a punchline, it’s a smart bar. He spat a single bar and meant two things. “Vairi ne Radar te” states that he always like to keep an eye on his enemies like a Radar. And the other part Vairi nerray Dar de” means that Dar is having a lot of enemies in the game. This is a perfect example of using homonyms in a line. Yaruq Malik has made this track mellifluous. Getting him to sing the hook was a wise decision as his vocals are complementing Xpolymer’s lower-pitched vocals with a mid-range melody.

Listen to the ‘CPEC’ by Rap Engineers and let us know what you feel about it.