Rap Battle Between Mc Kode And Infamous Is Out Now And It’s Dope!

Infamous, as the name suggests, is a mean battle rapper who’s punches drills deep in your conscience. His experience as a battle rapper has taught him to be the toughest he could be. He hails from Mumbai city.

MC Kode is relatively new to the scene but has made an impact bigger than most who have been in the game. He hails from the capital city New Delhi. In addition to this battle, you will witness Mc Kode using his aggression, menacing along with his punchlines to destroy his opponents. On the other hand, Infamous is ruthless and he is not shying to use dirt in a battle.

He can mock his opponents with humor which can get a crowd to turn against you. They both fought for the title match so that they can get a step closer to being crowned as Grand Master. When I asked Mc Kode about his battle with Infamous, this is what he said: “The battle was definitely a major morale booster for me. It definitely helped me back up after the poetik let down. I went in knowing I would win came out conquering it”.

See The Battle Between Mc Kode And Infamous To Know More About This Event Here:


This is the real hip-hop. Each artist did a really good job. We need more events like this so that people can know more about hip-hop and rap battle culture.