Ranveer Singh Spits Fire In ‘Don’t Hold Back’


Ranveer Singh has taken a step which probably has not been taken before by anyone in the Indian entertainment industry, Bollywood at least.

In this massive collaboration between Jack Jones and Ranveer Singh, one might expect him to have either written, rapped or danced but as it goes, he did all of the three and if anyone expects him to have rapped in a cheesy four by four structure then they are in for such a disappointment. It’s actually very very good!

The lyrics might not be the greatest but no one could expected such a performance from him, at the first time of doing something like this.

Ranveer is always known to be edgy and electric, he has carried these characteristic in the video itself. He’s is not holding anything back in the video and is telling the listener to do the same.

Check out the video right here :