Raja Kumari Drops The Video Of “The Come Up”


The Indian-American singer Raja Kumari took the entire world by surprise last year and did a four city tour. Raja Kumari has become a force to be reckoned with and is making the entire brown community proud. She has been affiliated with international acts such as Gwen Stefani, Fall Out Boy, Fifth Harmony among others. From what I’ve heard, she nailed her set with Divine at NH7 Weekender, Pune.

She just recently dropped her new music video for “The Come Up” and it is refreshing. The track is smooth and soothing. It encapsulates her journey thus far and appropriately summarizes that she is on the come up. The visuals comprise of her journey in India which were a part of “The Come Up Tour”. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad were the places she performed in. The video also features Divine and Nucleya who were a part of her journey in India.

Raja Kumari was introduced to Bhartanatyam at a very young age which connected her to Indian culture. Although one of her brothers is a neurosurgeon and the other one is a lawye, her family supported her. Her decision of pursuing music was highly appreciated by her family. It is due to her Indian roots that she went ahead to make Indo-American fusion music.

She gave the following suggestion for fellow musicians in an interview:

“Do what you want, make music that you like and want to get in. Please don’t stop and think about what others are saying or thinking about you. Do what you love and put all your efforts in it. Then decide whether it turned out to be your best shot or not.

Watch the video of “The Come Up” here: