Raftaar’s Work Ethic Is Commendable

Whether you hate or love Raftaar you have to respect and admire his work ethic. A rare breed of rapper, Raftaar is consistent with his work and always tries to set the bar high with every release he puts out. Even the way the rapper has been touring recently is extensive and has been consistent with public appearance and promotions.

Raftaar's work ethic

Raftaar has been touring and has been on the road numerous times but 2017 has been extensive for him already. Right from new years eve Raftaar has been on the road been performing at college festivals numerous time and his latest performance being at the prestigious Symbiosis College, Pune.


Raftaar is also helping out his peers which really doesn’t come to us as a surprise. Recently the rapper did a gig for Paytm but he wasn’t supposed to in the first place. Euphoria was supposed to play that gig but unfortunately Dr Palash Sen was unwell. To find a replacement for their evergreen band they called Raftaar to help with the Gig.

Let alone India, Raftaar has been killing it abroad also with him performing at Dubai right at the start of the year and performing in Sri Lanka as well. The rapper is well on his way to be branded as an international star.  Check out his picture from his performance in Sri Lanka

This is every artists dream. Raftaar has worked hard and is still into achieving this and we are blessed to have a hard working musician in the Desi hip hop scene. Props To Raftaar for being the artist we all so admire.