Raftaar Recalls His Adventures Around Gurgaon…

Raftaar recently had a gig in Leisure Valley Park and was supposed to go to a location for a photo shoot. Things turned interesting when, he jumped on the driver’s seat of our car and said, “I haven’t driven in Gurgaon in a while. Let me drive you around the city.”

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While driving on MG Road, Raftaar started going down memory lane, “I have had so many fights with bouncers in the clubs of this area. I’m talking about 2005-06 when I could never get inside the posh clubs on MG Road.” He went on to mention that it was impossible for ‘stags’ to get inside the club, he ultimately had to bribe the bouncers with a hundred rupees to get in. A few visits later he became friends with the promoters there. Raftaar agreed to play for free at these places and in return his entry to these places became free.

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The conversation continued and he narrated, “The MG Road area is not the fancy party hub it once used to be.” It was clear that he was disappointed by the change in the city. Over time NCR has changed and gained a reputation for not being a safe city. On being asked how does he feel about the name of the city being changed from Gurgaon to Gurugram, he replied, “They can name it Gurugram or Guru-Ghantaal, but for me, it will always be Gurgaon.”

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Raftaar went on to reveal that,

“I was never a part of high society. I was someone who would hang out in, Chandni Chowk, very desi. So the life I live now is quite a contrast. It’s good, I love it. But now, I don’t get to do a lot of stuff I like. I can’t visit the malls or clubs in Gurgaon like I once did, or roam the markets of Delhi anymore. Coming here mostly for gigs or to meet friends. I feel I have lost that connect and association with the ground.”

He remembers what used to be his battle cry on the microphone before he used to perform, it was, “Shor mach gaya gaon mein, Raftaar aa gaya Gurgaon mein.” Well, life certainly has changed for Raftaar but it did not come easy, he has given in his all to reach where he is right now and will only be going upwards from here on. Raftaar rapper songs have become huge hits in India.