Raftaar Deletes Snapchat To Support India. Evan Spiegel Controversy A Hoax?

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A few days ago, a news surfaced that the CEO of Snapchat, according to a former employee said that India along with Spain is a poor country. The expansion and investment of money in India and Spain was not worth the return on investment. That is the reason that they would rather abstain from investing in these countries. Snapchat is a popular image messaging and multimedia application created by Evan Spiegel.

The accusations laid down by one of the former employees of the app didn’t go well down with the Indian diaspora. This news created an outrage within the Indian community because no country will tolerate being called a poor country. The thing with Indian and Spain being a bad market to invest in originated in the year 2015. It was a board meeting of Snapchat according to a former employee. The repercussions were such that it made way to the mocking of Snapchat in Twitter, with a large number of Indian twitter handles making fun of Snapchat in the matter, with some saying that India is not a poor country if it wants it can buy Snapchat 7 times over if it wants to. Read here

The matter also did not go down well within the music industry as well with many celebrities condemning the statement given by the CEO of Snapchat in a 2015 board meeting, even Raftaar posted an image on Instagram of him deleting the multimedia application from his phone and had given the following statement:

” Snapchat walon ko bolo ki Delhi ke golf links aao kabhi. Dikhate hain gareebi.” and he said the following thing also that after scene that “Par abhi bhi logon ko snapchat pe kutta bann na hai to. You are most welcome.”

Check Out Raftaar’s Post regarding Snapchat here:

Snapchat DELETED.Par abhi bhi logon ko snapchat pe kutta bann na hai to. You are most welcome.Snapchat walon ko bolo ki Delhi ke golf links aao kabhi. Dikhate hain gareebi.

Posted by Raftaar on Saturday, April 15, 2017

The coverage of Pompliano’s statement ruffled quite a few feathers amongst Snapchat’s Indian users, with the hashtag #BoycottSnapchat surfacing on social media. It was used to urge users to give the app a one-star rating and then uninstall it as a sign of protest. The ratings on the app fell sharply overnight as people complied and rushed to the defence of their nation without understanding that the statement contained mere allegations that had not been proved in a court of law yet.

But after the black lash that Snapchat got after this statement was given by a former employee who issued a statement saying that the CEO never said anything of this sort and all the accusations laid down on Snapchat are baseless and has no worth whatsoever and that Snapchat is for everyone and that is why it is free, had it been only marketed to the rich it wouldn’t have been free at all.

Update: Snapchat CEO Denies ‘Poor India’ Statement. Read full story..