Raftaar Is Connecting With Hollywood


Raftaar has had an interesting year and has been working nonstop, we have heard him rap and sing in various movies throughout the year. Despite his success in Bollywood he just might have touched new heights with his latest work. He has produced a new song, ‘Aadat‘ for the upcoming Hollywood movie, ‘Passengers‘ starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. The movie is a sci-fi space adventure and is about the romance between a guy and a girl trapped in a spaceship.

Sources say that his track will be playing at the start of the movie when the movie is released in India on 6th Jan. The Pakistani band Strings did something similar back in the day for Spider-Man 2 with their track ‘Koi Aanay Wala Hai‘ and it went viral, the track did not play at the beginning of the movie but had a dedicated Spider-Man 2 edit video playing on the T.V.

Coming back to Raftaar’s news, the video shoot is taking place in a day or two in Mumbai. This is a huge deal indeed and Raftaar deserves all the accolades that will be coming his way with this massive collaboration.