Raftaar Confirms About The New Video With Maninder Buttar

There is buzz generating around news that Rapper Raftaar has given a statement on facebook. He came with a live session a couple of days back and confirmed about the music video shoot of ‘BMM’ with Punjabi singer Maninder Buttar. ‘BMM’ is a track from the upcoming album ‘Zero To Infinity’ from which the first song “Do Hazar Solo” was released last year.The rapper also confirmed that the song will be clean and there will be no explicit lyrics.

Raftaar, as we know began his musical journey with Honey Singh-led ‘Mafia Mundeer’ around 2010 as a member. The Kerala-born composer went to perform into Bollywood after splitting up with the Mafia Mundeer, thus creating an individualistic identity of his own. The rapper pursued his love for rap relentlessly through an alliance with Bhangra/Hip-Hop group RDB (Rhythm, Dhol and Bhangra) before he released his debut solo album in 2013 titled “WTF – Witness The Future”.

Raftaar Image

For the next 3 years, Raftaar improved on his identity and the originality in his music and turned a new leaf, all the while imparting his talent to mainstream Bollywood music. The rapper tryst with fame was through his song “Swag Mera Desi”, which eventually gave him an award for the “Best Urban Song” in 2014 at the Britasia Music Awards.

In May, last year the rapper collaborated with TVF and Kanan Gill for a promotional music video for ‘Vodafone U’. Since all the songs Raftaar has released till now has in collaboration with some artist or the other, he now is confident that his artistic capabilities have matured enough that he said and I quote,

“The time has come for me to go solo. There hasn’t been a single song where there’s only me. I have named the album ‘Zero to Infinity’ because it talks about my struggle. I started at zero and achieved what I did. Single after single, the whole album will be out before the end of the year.”

For his newest project, Raftaar will not only hold the musical and lyrical aspects and responsibilities. but will also produce and record the songs in his studio. Though given his hectic schedule the artist has been relentlessly working on his solo album with all the tour across the country and performance in college fest and events.

We don’t know when this album will drop, but one thing is for sure that when it drops, it’s going to be FIRE!

Till then check out ‘Do Hazaar Solo’ from his album to come, ‘Zero To Infinity’: