Raftaar Condemns Greater Noida’s Racial Attacks


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On Monday evening there were reports of racial attacks, which to our amazement took place not in some foreign country, but at a place which is barely 50 km away from New Delhi, the incident occurred in Knowledge Park, that is in Greater Noida. Now, according to the news report which has been pouring since the incident took place, what happened was that some local youths attacked Nigerian citizens. These citizens were mostly students, which was the end result of cumulative series of events which all started out when the Greater Noida police released 5 Nigerians for lack of evidence. They had been arrested on the basis, that they were involved in the death of a local Manish Khari, who died of drug overdose. The overdose was said to have been caused by the Nigerian nationals, which the family says they suspect was supplied by the Nigerians to Manish Khari.

The incident has blown so much out of proportion that even celebrities are commenting over the incident along with the general population of India, condemning such act of racial discrimination. Even the rapper Raftaar had posted on his Facebook account that the people should stop this racial attacks towards the Nigerians as there are many Indians living in Africa who, if the locals of Africa want could put them through the same harrowing experience if they want it to happen and we couldn’t do a thing for them, even if we wanted to do it from here.

He says that the public should not take the laws on their own hand and that they should allow the authorities to handle the situation. There is no need of us to get involved in these things because we would do more harm than good. This, not the first time when Raftaar posted something about social issues, earlier he has also raised the Bengaluru Molestation Case.

We are highly disappointed by the incident and the things happening in our nation which treat guests as gods but at the same time we are not taking anyone’s side as the issue is not clear yet.

Check out some of Raftaar’s Facebook posts on racial attacks below: