Raftaar Is Collabing With Jaz Dhami And Deep Kalsi

We all know that Raftaar is busy with his album ‘Zero To Infinity’ and here is the good news for all his fans. Raftaar is going to collaborate with the ‘High Heels‘ fame Jaz Dhami. Raftaar just posted a picture of him and Jaz Dhami on his social networking sites. If it happens Raftaar fans will be more delighted. Seems like Raftaar is coming up with a lot of collaborations this year. He posted pictures with AR Rahman in his studio as well and from that, we can assume that something big and good music is coming your way. He can also collab with his brother Badshah as two of them often seen together and in an interview, both the rappers have confirmed that they surely do a track together. We have to see in which album they are going to do a track whether it’s Raftaar’s album or Badshah’s album.


He also did a track for Deep Kalsi, a newly signed DNH artist. He is also shooting back to back videos for his upcoming projects. We hope that he will drop his album in the coming months as he is wrapping up all the projects and tracks which can be seen on his social networking sites. In this album, you can expect more artists and more collaborations and his fans are eagerly waiting for him to drop his album soon.