Rapper Raftaar’s Becomes an Organ Donor!

Raftaar Image

First and foremost, Raftaar has also joined the brigade of people who have pledged their organs for donation on their death. We think it is a very noble gesture made by Raftaar on his part. He also posted a picture on his Instagram handle saying the following and we quote  –

“Just pledged my organs to NOTTO. Jo cheez jal ke rakhh ho jaani hai wo kisi ke kaam hi ajae to achaa hai.”

Even Badshah commented on the picture and praised Raftaar for being an example for the whole of India. He’s an example for the youth of becoming an organs donor who debunks the myths and superstitions surrounding organ donation. To be honest, India needs as many organs as possible to overcome the acute shortage of organs. And we hope that this step taken up by Raftaar will be a step towards the same. Sensitising the people towards donating their organs after their death is a noble and required cause.

Checkout Raftaar’s Facebook Post here:

In a recent survey, some disturbing facts came to light. In India, nearly 12 people die every hour due to the shortage of organs and tissue for transplant. With a population nearly 120 crore people, India is a home to very unhealthy individuals who are at a great risk of developing an illness which affects organs. With a growing number of people who are in need of organ transplant, there are very few organs available for transplant. Owing to this situation, the black market organ trade is blooming in full force.

So, to change this scenario, the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO) is working round the clock and hard to turn the tide and make organ for transplant easily available. Because of the hard work put in by NOTTO, the number of organs needed for transplant is steadily growing.

Let Raftaar’s decision be a motivation for us all to become organ donors. Help the people who are in dire need of organs to survive.