Raaj Jones Interviewed Delhi’s Finest Producer, Sez!


Raaj Jones is on a non-terminable quest for promoting Indian Hip-Hop and Indian Rap music. After interviewing rappers and producers from all over the country, he finally got down with the hit-maker from Delhi, Sez. Before you read ahead, have a look at the interview. Take notice of how a dude with so many accolades and achievements is able to maintain his humility.

The interview starts with the discussion of how he got his name Sez. When asked about what got him into music, he narrates the story of how him and one his homies just messed around with Virtual DJ. The concept of making a mashup blew him away. He went through this phase of producing EDM, Bollywood mash-up and later also tried his hand at text battling on social networking sites such as Orkut. He soon realized that even text battling is not his thing and he started making beats. His beats were used by a number of Indian Hip-Hop artists and were massive hits.

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Raaj Jones then stirred the interview towards Sez’s influences. Sez started by saying that it was first Eminem and then from Slim Shady he moved to Dr.Dre and this lead to DJ Premier, J Dilla etc. His more recent influences were Lex Luger, 808 Mafia, Metro Boomin and it seemed Sez could go on and on but decided to stop. They went on to talk about how “Mere Gully Mein” changed the Desi Hip-Hop scene and how Indian Hip-Hop has reached a significant growth in the recent years and how the entire project was a learning experience. He says that it was this project which taught him how to deal with Labels. He admits that the success of “Mere Gully Mein” boosted his moral as well as his creativity.

Their next topic of discussion was “StunnahSez Beats“. Sez broke down the entire story of his partnership with Stunnah and also leaked a few marketing mantras on how they were successful. He answered, ‘Soundwave and Mike Will Made It’ when asked about his favourite producers. He gave a shout out to rappers like Big Deal and Sun J for making their own beats and also mentioned RJV Ernesto and Ragged Skull when asked about producers which Sez likes.

Sez used his knowledge and expertise to tell the importance of production and how the various intricacies of it need to by synchronized for a track to sound perfect. I think he also dropped a subtle hint that he might be working on a mainstream project as well but I guess that is something that only time will tell. After this he spoke about, “Yeh Mera Bombay” and it’s importance for the scene. He also used this interview to give props to RJV for producing the track and taking him onboard as the co-producer.

Towards the end of the interview, he mentioned his favourite Delhi rappers and other English rappers such as Enkore, Brodha V, Smokey and Big Deal. The conversation dripped with excitement when they started talking about future of Desi Hip-Hop and how Indian Rap music has started to inspire the young audience.

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