Raaj Jones Finally Managed To Interview Raxstar And Here’s What You Should Know About It.

Raaj Jones has been interviewing several underground and mainstream hip-hop artists that are shaping the Desi hip-hop scene for the future. He managed to interview Raxstar while he was in Ludhiana, Punjab and asked him everything that his fans were eagerly seeking answers for. So, whatever I’m going to talk about is taken from his interview with him.

Raaj Jones Raxstar-Raxstar-hip hop music Image

Raxstar began off by telling his experience and voyage. He told Raaj that he was 12 years of age when hip-hop was introduced to him in the form of Grafitti. His obsession with doing Grafitti slowly dragged him into rap music and a performance that he did in his high school with a companion which changed his life until the end of time. He picked up a pen started writing tracks for the first time at the age of 17 and never looked back and is a prominent name in underground hip hop music scene.

He found SunitMusic through an email that he received back in 2004 and liked the samples that he sent him. They both started working together and here they are now. Raxstar even claims that whenever Sunit drops a track, the industry feels a sense of dread. He even asserted that whatever Sunit creates is hard to replicate.

When Raaj Jones asked about his association with Kali Denali Music and Bohemia, he said that Haji Springer was the only link between him and KDM. He has been following his music and they’ve collaborated on several tracks that are unreleased yet. Raxstar affirmed that his music was praised by Bohemia on a call that he received from him. Raxstar’s ‘Nothing‘ was initially arranged with Bohemia. However, KDM Mixtape Vol. 1 was clashing with the release. Haji asked him to release this track alone and promised a remix for future with came out a few ago. Quite of a story. Right?

Raxstar is about to drop his album very soon but his EP ‘Glassy‘ is coming out before the album drops. Prophe C and Humble the Poet are two of the featured artists that he revealed off the EP. He even confirmed that Haji Springer is about to drop an album but he was not sure about it. He said it can come out as KDM Mixtape Vol. 2 as well.

We all are excited for what comes out next but all we can do is sit back and wait. How excited are you? Let us know in the comments section.

Watch Raxstar’s full interview with Raaj Jones here: