Raaj Jones Finally Managed To Interview The Guy Behind Imran Khan’s Biggest Hits!

Raaj Jones has been interviewing several underground and mainstream hip-hop artists that are shaping the Desi hip-hop scene for the future. He recently managed to interview Raxstar, Ikka, Badshah, Bohemia etc. and asked them everything that their fans were eagerly seeking answers for. He is here with another interview and it’s none other than Eren E.

Raaj Jones

Eren E has been making bangers for an industry that’s a foreign world for him on a linguistic level. It gives him a zone of creating something different on the other side. Eren E is the guy behind Imran Khan‘s biggest hits like ‘Amplifier‘, ‘Aaja Ve Mahiya‘ and several other tracks.

This is an audio interview which Raaj conducted with this well-known DJ/Producer and asked him some interesting questions. Eren E started off when he accidently got a DAW from his friend and loved how his first audio was produced in a single day. Next day he met a club’s organiser and started off as a DJ. Eren E recalled the oldest memory of his meeting with Imran Khan and assisted that he was introduced to him through a common friend back in the year of 2004. ‘Gora Gora Rang‘ was the first track that Imran sang to him and then they recorded it Eren’s studio. He even confirmed that Sama Blake and Imran are not having any issues and whatever the media says is a plain hoax.

To give out a few tips, Eren asked everyone to be creative on a level that language can’t bar. The music itself is a universal language and that’s what he suggested. He is about to come out with some collaborations that he chose not to reveal.

Listen to Eren E’s full interview with Raaj Jones here: