Queen’s Speech : UK’s Heart-throb Lady Leshurr


When a queen speaks everyone listens. That is what Lady Leshurr did with her Queen’s speech series and all six episodes she gained over 80 million views over in total With banging beats and strong punches she gained over 6.5 Lak subscribers in a short time.With artist’s like Futuristic remixing one of her episodes, Lady Leshurr went from 0-100 real quick.

Lady Leshurr

Her 1st episode which came out back in 2015 is now at 6 million views. With a banging beat and a perfect flow that makes you head bang like crazy this track is worth the hype. Also the music video is done perfectly with nice shots around a parking lot and A1 editing. Watch the video here.


In the 2nd episode we see Lady Leshurr kill Nicki Minaj’s ‘Only’ beat. With flow switches and strong vocal projections this track is a must for female rappers to listen to. We could see the Missy Elliot influence in this. The track will make you dab like crazy. Watch the video here

The 3rd episode had pure bars with a banging bass centered beat produced by Paigon Dot & Krunchie. This track was a ‘Mad Thing’ where Lady Leshurr proved that no rapper could f*ck with her lyricism. The video is also done perfectly with nice angle changes. Watch the video here

The 4th Episode is by far the most viewed and the best out of the series. With over 35 million views and a beat produced by Lady Leshurr her self , in this track we could see her plain out having fun with her lyricism and flow. With perfect references in her lines, Lady Leshurr took this series to the next level with this track. Watch the video here . Also Note : Brush your teeth

In the 5th episode Lady Leshurr walked around her town wearing a Santa cap. The beat was like ‘crispy bacon’ and the flow was just sauce to the meal. Right in the middle of the track there is this DJ Khaled reference which makes you stop the video and just crush on Lady Leshurr. A banging beat and a flow so perfect complemented by an amazing video, what could one want more in a track. Watch the video here

The last episode that Lady Leshurr uploaded was on October of this year, where she rocks a superman outfit and spits fire bars. Crazy wordplay used on this track and a different flow. Lady Leshurr is seen walking around the subway just having fun with the track. As of now this track has over a million views on youtube. Watch the video here

In the whole series Lady Leshurr had crazy wordplay and spits a perfect flow on bass orientated beats. All the tracks in this series are Braggadocio in nature.

Which episode made you fall for her ?