The Queens Of Desi Hip-Hop

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In the vast kingdom of Hip-Hop, the debates about the kings is leaving out the essential contributions of the queens. Women are slaying it in the Desi Hip-Hop scene. There are many queens in the scene and this article will focus on three of them.

1) Raja Kumari

Raja Kumari has been killing it recently with her “The Come Up” tour of India. With her recent drop, “The Come Up“, she has established herself as a force that is destined for greatness. With her unique style and approach, she is definitely one artist that should be in your playlists. Her music inspires and the content in the mist of those beautiful rhythmic patterns is relatable and helps listeners connect to her story.

2) Dee MC

Dee Mc took a long break with her releases but 2017 officially marked the return of the Mumbai vet. Her most recent drop “Taking My Time” received a lot of appreciation from fans. Dee MC’s rhymes are poetic to its core and her melodious vocals puts you in the perfect vibe. Also, Dee Mc has crossed a milestone for the Hip-Hop culture with her newest tour to the UK.

3) Ipsy

Ipsy is coming up in the scene right now and has only two tracks to show. The reason she is a queen is because she is the first female battler in the Desi Hip-Hop kingdom. Ipsy debuted at Spit Dope Inc back in November of 2016 making her the first woman to compete in a rap battle in the Desi Hip-Hop scene. She laid down the foundations for ever aspiring female battler with her strong and bold performance against Somiwankenobi and she has no plans to stop.

Watch her battle at Spit Dope Inc’s ‘Mumbai X Delhi’ event.