PropheC’s New Track ‘Drama’ Is Out And It’s Definitely Worth Listening To


PropheC, a non-rap artist has his unique style of singing. He recently came out with his latest track ‘Drama’ in which he’s trying to drop bars and portray his poetry skills. PropheC is a well-known singer from Canada of Indian Origin and he writes, sings, produces and engineers every song himself. He started playing when he was five and was performing at seven.

He has been quite prominent with his tracks and has already done three albums till now. Forever, Futureproof and the recent one Lifestyle are the albums that he has dropped and every song from each album is dope. He his recent album came out on 26th December 2016 named Lifestyle and was appreciated by all. He has been collaborating with mainstream rap artists like Ikka for the song ‘Hove Mere Naal’, with Fateh for the song ‘Fame’ and with Haji springer for ‘Fake Friends’ to name a few. 

Today latest track was dropped a few days ago named ‘Drama’. PropheC tried to rap on the track himself and in his own unique way along with singing and conveying a message in a poetry form. The track is based on the people who are playing fake around him and the ones who have changed since his growth in the industry. It is on point and he is successful in conveying his message to his audience. The track is written, engineered and produced by him as always.

Listen to The PropheC’s track ‘Drama’ Here: