Prolific’s Second Promotional Single ‘Throne’ Out Now


Prolific is one of those artists who don’t like to quit. Like any other artist, some of his earlier releases were overlooked by the general audience but his obstinate approach towards diligent work began to pay him his levy. His name has been featured with some of the best underground artists & you can see a phenomenal growth in his work.

Prolific‘s fans are energetically sitting tight for his imminent tape ‘Take Off‘. He set the level of desires considerably more high after he released the first promotional single from his upcoming mixtape that he chose to call ‘Poison‘. Just imagine the level of anticipation that the release of ‘Throne‘ has created. Let’s dig in deeper to know more about the track.

“Tu jivein Jew, tenu maaran jivein Hitler/ Kaam karaan khaas, Banda ‘Aam’ bina muffler”

We released Prolific’s ‘Throne‘ yesterday on Desi Hip Hop YouTube channel. It’s the second and the final promotional single before the arrival of his tape in the first month of 2017. After hopping on several plans, he decided to drop this single as a promotional one but with a video. ‘Throne‘ is all about his expressive abilities and about how smart his wordplay is.

The hook section was not a torment for him as he already had a few pre-written lines that he utilized as the hook on this one. To give a flavor of what he has done lyrically on this one, let me specify a few lines like “North Side ravaan, na East, na west/ Shehar hara bhara jivein Anil Kapoor di chest” & “Judge vangu karaan justice har beat naal/ Faansi te chaadaan agge paavan main tareek na”. He promised that he’s going to give you punchlines. Right?

This instrumental is produced by Deep Harks who is already popular for tracks like ‘Mainn‘ with Punit Malhotra & ‘Gangster Lover‘. Him & Prolific have been working together from years now & their co-ordination is remarkable. Vivek Rana aka Young Thakur directed the motions for this single & Prolific’s namesake Nitish Lath altered the entire venture for him. The reason I love this track is because I’ve seen him struggling and conquering his biggest fears.

Watch ‘Thrown’ by Prolific here :