Prolific Puts Out His Feelings In The Latest Track ‘Dil Di Gallaan’

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Prolific, a Chandigarh-based hip-hop artist just dropped his latest joint ‘Dil Di Gallaan’. It is produced by InfernusAsh, a Pakistan-based music producer. In a very short period of time, InfernusAsh has proven his worth and has improved his skills. Mustafa Qadri did the visuals for this track and ApexArts designed the artwork for the same. The whole track is mixed and mastered by InfernusAsh.

Prolific Dil Di Gallan Image

Seems like Prolific had a lot of emotions inside him which needed to be put out and this track gave him some help. Infernus sent him a beat and he wrote everything he had for the lyrics. He portrayed his story through this track and decided to complete it this way rather than rapping. His main aim is to convey his emotions, what he really feels and what he has been through. Prolific wanted to show his poetic skills and he did so in the same. He has delivered the track beautifully and lines like “Boht ne galla jee kare aj bolda, Pr eh loki kithe samjhan ge/ Jee kare aj ki mai ro daa, Pr ronde nu vekh oh sare hassan ge”  have a lot of emotions in them. This is a situation that each one of you must have faced at some point or the other in your life. I got carried away by this track and I’m sure you guys will definitely going to connect with this track.

Check Out ‘ ‘Dil Di Gallaan’ By Prolific Here: