Prolific x Deep Harks x Parth in ‘Changa’ (Video)


Nitish Sharma, who goes by the stage name ‘Prolific‘ proved his presence in the underground by his last single ‘Poison‘. It was released on the Desi Hip Hop YouTube channel in September and as of now, it has more than 25,000 views. ‘Poison‘ was the first single from his imminent tape ‘Take Off‘ and was power packed with significant lyrics.

After a few days, he started posting some bars on his social media which made his fans eager for some new music. He decided to release a new single before releasing the second single from his tape to maintain the hype and calm his fans down. ‘Changa‘ was released yesterday and it als0 features Parth and Deep Harks who gave this a track a whole new dimension. Parth is a Chandigarh based artist and is a member of ‘Game Changers‘. He has collaborated with Deep Harks before but it is the first that he worked with Prolific. Here’s my review for his latest single ‘Changa‘.

'Changa' Cover art
Prolific selected ‘Superstar Beats‘ for this track, penned down his verse and then approached Deep Harks for the track who handled the work related with mixing and mastering. Parth Bhatt was later added to the project and that’s how the lineup was decided.

Deep Harks took this track to a whole new level. He opens up the track with a hook that is dulcet enough to gain your attention. You’ll instantly understand that it’s all about the time that’s turning into their favour. Prolific decided to send Deep on the first slot and trust me, it was a wise decision. His verse is filled with meaningful lines that are mostly targeted towards his priorities. His flow totally goes with his rhymes and the vocal tone that he has used is on point. Then, the man of the hour Prolific goes in. His verse is definitely filled with tight bars but he went off the beat at a few points which turned out to be the downside of his verse.

If you listen closely, bars like Mere kol bars par rehnda ni main thaane, Kitte puthey kam jadon si nayaane/ Hun hoge vade hun real rap gaare, Te tera geet chalda model de sahaare” shows his writing game is strong. I was excited to check his work for the first time and he sure didn’t disappoint me at all. Parth got the last spot and has tried to place rhymes here and there to give his verse a unique flow.

To cut a long story short, like any other track, ‘Changa‘ has it’s own weaknesses and strengths. They all have done something big in the recent past and that’s the stuff that should be considered. An artist should be appreciated for the art that he creates but their real fans are the ones who support their music no matter what. Listen to the track and tell us your reviews in the comments down below.