Prolific Is Coming To Claim The ‘Throne’

Nitish Sharma aka Prolific announced his mixtape ‘Take Off‘ by releasing its first single ‘Poison‘ back in the September of 2016. ‘Poison‘ was power packed with significant lyricism & on point talks which helped him in cementing his reputation in the underground scene. Track was released on DesiHipHop’s official YouTube channel & is one of his most popular tracks.

As his fans were eagerly waiting for his next release, Prolific decided to release the second & the final promotional single off his forthcoming tape to give them another dose of his music.


Throne‘ is the second and final single off his tape & will be released tomorrow. Unlike ‘Poison‘, this single is not a trap track but is filled with the classic style. A hook that he wrote prior listening to the beat was finalized for the final cut & the verses that he spat were written to show his lyrical skills. He planned to save this track for the mixtape but he changed his mindset and decided to drop it as a promotional single for the tape with a video.

I’m not going to reveal the kind of sound it is but what I can assure you is that it’s a perfect thing to bump loud in your cars and has sensible lyricism to give you a taste of Prolific’s lyrical skills.

“Expect punchlines. That’s all I can say” – ProlificThrone by Prolifc

Prolific has collaborated with many talented & reputed artists till now. One of his oldest contacts is Deep Harks who is known for variations in styles. They have collaborated before on many singles like ‘Dukh‘, ‘Changa‘, ‘Level‘ & ‘Jiya Laage Na‘ with Sound Shikari. Deep has produced the instrumental for ‘Throne‘ & there’s nothing else that I’m going to reveal for now.

Look out for this track as this track is going to speak for itself. Prolific has been working on improving his lyrical skills and this is going to be a classic example for the same. ‘Take Off‘ is planned for it’s release in January 2017 & after listening to two of these singles, I’m already excited for it.