Who produced you? | The Un-Credited Controversy

“A Producer is a person who puts the money in the project”

Unfortunately, that sentence is the perception that most people hold towards what the role of a producer in a project is. It is pathetic how narrow-minded and surface level generalisation. Let me try and discuss the roles of a real “Producer” and also unveil the state of Indian Producers.


A producer is someone who “makes it happen“, let us understand how. A vocalist or an instrumentalist focuses on deriving the best form of his expression, however, this needs to be directed so it becomes more soluble for people to hear and understand and that is why we have a “Music Director“. However, the director cannot take it upon him to make sure the snare sounds a certain way, or a kick punches from a compressor in a certain way, the director’s job is to merely arrange and reveal. This is where a producer comes in. “Production” itself encompasses making sure the artist has his throat cleared with no snapped strings on his guitar and gets to the studio in time.


India has a wide range of Producers who do a fantastic job, Bandish Projekt, Sez, Stunnah to name a few. Recently Sez expressed himself on social media and spoke about how his “Hit” songs were being stolen by one “Huge” company. Although it was not clear who or what Sez was referring to, it became very obvious to me that even on a so-called professional level, no one understands the real role of a producer. Apart from the aspect of not crediting the producer (who should technically own the song), in many cases, the producers do not get  paid a single rupee in appreciation of their work and toil. Hence, most producers come out as musicians who treat production as part of their barracks, rather than as the headpiece.


It’s sad that even the copyright assigning anchorites in India do not catch this clear demarcation. Meanwhile, people like Stunnah and Sez are revolutionising the scene and selling to a market abroad. They set up their own portal and their own distribution networks which makes me feel so proud of them. Their efforts are commendable.

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Smokey the Ghost