‘President of Desi Hip-Hop J.Hind’ Just Got Dissed By Big H


Controversies always find their ways to reach out  J. Hind who is the self proclaimed ‘President of Desi Hip-Hop‘. His association with Bohemia is said to be controversial too. Kali Denali Music‘s artist is often considered as the public representative of Bohemia’s thoughts. People claim that he gets the limelight from the moot things that he addresses & results in Bohemia’s clean name.

J. Hind recently got involved in a feud with Manj Musik Raftaar and tweets were traded from both of the sides. This is not the first time KDM has had a dispute with Manj & Raftaar. Lazarus who is a reputed rap artist is all set to release a track with Bohemia next month but his confirmed collaboration with Rap Engineers was called off by himself because of his affiliation with KDM. Think about who is being rebuked for this contention? Yes, J. Hind.

J. Hind
Hashim Ishaq who is more famous as Big H is a Karachi based artist who is working from Kuwait nowadays. He took this issue on his own & decided to take shots on J. Hind by releasing ‘First Kill‘.  This diss was recorded on Drake‘s ‘Back to Back‘ which was originally a Meek Mill diss. Big H wrote, recorded, mixed & mastered this track in an hour all by himself. ‘First Kill’ features punches like “You’re polluting the game & underground is a remedy, ‘Desi Hip-Hop President’ we’ll do you like Kennedy” are filled throughout the release.

The final product is not good on the technical side but it was never meant to be done that way. This is about his loathe towards what happened with Rap Engineers & to know something more about his side of the story, I decided to talk to him.

“I’ve nothing against Bohemia, I grew up listening to him. It’s only J. hind”

Big H
I was curious to know the reason behind this step that Big H took. I asked him the same to which his answer was “The reason why I actually dissed him was because he didn’t allow Lazarus to collaborate with Rap Engineers and I strongly believe that it was the high time underground needed this collaboration. Besides that, he kept on dissing Manj Musik on twitter and Manj kept his cool. Same goes for Raftaar. Both of them were very humble in replying to his tweets and that’s where I decided to make a diss track”.

It appears like this move by J. Hind is conflicting with him in the physical world which is certainly a major thing for any artist. What do you think of the issue? Tell us in the comments down below.

Listen to Big H’s ‘First Kill’ here :