‘Pay Day 71’ by Shah touching the gender wage gap issue


Toronto’s rapper, lyricist and singer Shah is back with his latest release ‘Pay Day 71‘ touching the gender wage gap issue and continuing his audio-visual series ‘Days of Shah‘. His ability to paint a picture in your head with words compels you to listen to the song rather than making it background music. Shahs last release ‘Ridin Shotty With The God‘ became a summer youtube hit and he has been ranked as one of Toronto’s best new artists along with being ranked among the World’s Top 10 Desi Rappers.


After October’s A3C Festival in Atlanta, Shah is one of the most buzzed about artists alongside other emerging artists and is also referred to as ‘New York’s favourite Toronto rapper‘. If this is not enough, Shah’s ‘Pay Day 71‘ became his first radio hit and was tracked as the #1 most played song in New York City strip clubs becoming a strip club anthem.

Similar to Shah’s previous songs which subtly discuss the discrimination faced my the Desi’s or people of colour in America and his personal war against ISIS, ‘Pay Day 71‘ is titled so as it refers to the gap between male and female earnings where the female workers are earning only 71% of their male equivalents.

Shah says, “In general, life is harder for a woman than for a man. I touch on this issue because a lot of men don’t recognise this. Just being aware of the problem obviously doesn’t resolve it, but I do think it allows men to better understand the situation that women face.

Pay Day 71‘ is the fourth instalment of his audio-visual series Day of Shah following, ‘Rookie Card‘, ‘Don’t Do It Mandela‘, and ‘Riding Shotty With God‘ but this is not the end for there are two more videos to come. Till then here is Shah’s ‘Pay Day 71‘, produced by Downtown Beats.