Pardhaan, Muhfaad And Neha Kakkar Had The ‘Swag Party’ To Welcome 2017!

New Year Eves are meant to be crazy. People are always excited to welcome the coming year by trying to spend the night happily. People working in metropolitan cities take it even a step further by celebrating the evening at some reputed clubs or restaurants. Like any other place, Kinbuck 2 organized an event on the new year’s eve to celebrate the evening a bit differently. Kinbuck 2 is a lounge in Connaught Place, Delhi. The content we’re going to use belongs to Kinbuck 2 and we’re just using it to cover this news.

Kinbuck 2 invited Muhfaad and Pardhaan to come and perform for their fans. No one can deny that these two have earned their respective share of fame in past few years. People who have heard of them were excited already but those who were not introduced to their music were attracted by a ‘Surprise Bollywood Singer’ who later turned out to be Neha Kakkar. Smart move, right? We all knew that they were there but everyone was wondering about the videos or snippets of their performances as they didn’t come out. But as they say, patience is a virtue.

Kinbuck 2 finally uploaded a video for their regular visitors and for the fans who were excited to see what happened behind those doors that night. They’ve captioned it as the ‘Swag Party‘ so that is the reason we decided to call it the same. One can easily see Neha singing ‘Kala ChashmaPardhaan jamming on to his awaited track ‘Power Peg‘ and last but not the least, Muhfaad performed ‘Aji Mera Ghanta‘ for their audience. We’re sure there was a big fat party that night.

                                                      Watch How The ‘Swag Party’ Went Here: