Pardhaan’s Fans Are Losing Their Mind Over His New Release


Parichay who is known as Pardhaan in the Hip-Hop world is one of the most respected artists in the game right now. He first came in the spotlight when he with his team Desi Beam released tracks like “Bera Na Paatega” “Main Haan Desi” and “Bandookan” with KDM‘s boss Bohemia a few years ago. Pardhaan has worked with Sonu KakkarTony Kakkar, Haji SpringerRaxstar & others since then.

His style varies from easy Hindi rhymes to bad-to-the-bone Haryanvi which separates him from others. He recently came in news for a single that he dedicated to the Indian Army but some his fans are not happy with this release. Why? Follow this news further to understand the situation.

“Love India or Leave India”

Pardhaan’s latest drop ‘Unhey Chod Do‘ has shook the underground. This release is a remix of Young M.A.‘s famous single ‘Ooouuu‘ which seems to be focused on the Indian Army if you listen to it for the first time. Be that as it may, if you listen to it very closely you’ll understand that it’s not terrorism that he is talking about. Pardhaan took shots on the political question that India and Pakistan has been confronting from the day of their partition & this has made his fans unhappy.

He spat lines like “Maathe pai vaar karein fauji bhai maahre, Na thaari tarah target banaave dushman ki peeth” & “Bhai chaara humse jitna marzi baant lo, Par zara sa bhi baatenge Kashmir nahi” are direct shots on Pakistan’s political views. Problematic issues between India & Pakistan have already resulted in deaths of many soldiers who have yielded their lives to secure the pride of their nation.

Unhe CHod Do

His fans gave this track a blended response however everybody concurs on the way that his fans from across the border are not happy at all. An artist of his level can speak whatever he wants but writing something on an issue that affects both of the countries is not good. He has been associated with Bohemia who has his underlying foundations from Pakistan. His love and gratitude towards India & the Indian Army is remarkable till half of this track but as the track proceeds it transits into warnings & shots towards Pakistan.

Some people on social media even said that Pardhaan jacked the flow from the ‘Ooouuu (Remix)‘ that Sikander Kahlon did. ‘Unhey Chod Do‘ is filled with on point lyrics & energetic vocal tones. This single is definitely an amazing remix if we keep aside the controversy that it faced. This instrumental was rearranged by Harry Cheema who is an old friend of Pardhaan & the editing was handled by Varun Arora & was shot by Vin Him.

Watch ‘Unhey Chod Do’ by Pardhaan here :