Pardhaan Drops His Latest Track “Raataan”


Pardhaan Raataan Image

Rapper Pardhaan has recently released “Raataan“. Well, he has collaborated with another female artist, Yoshiki to be precise. “Raatan” garnered 21k views in 23 hours. Yoshiki has just recently ventured into the music industry and she was a participant in the Femina Miss India 2014. She was a runner-up for the iNIFD Femina Miss Talented Award. Pardhaan needs no intro as he is a well-known artist among the masses.

As a matter of fact, his latest song “Raataan” is a slow mellow song with Yoshiki leading the verses followed by Pardhaan. The song is mostly sung by Yoshiki with Pardhaan giving his lyrical touch through his rap in between the song. Song talks about the emotions, the ups and downs of a broken heart and a lot of introspection.

All in all, the song shows a little bit of immaturity which all new singers have. Yoshiki has to go a long way in terms of her musical training and singing capabilities. Nonetheless, for a first timer, the song came out pretty good. This goes on to show that Yoshiki has an innate talent for music and train herself better than now.

Watch Pardhan’s Raataan here: