Pakistani Hip-Hop Got It’s Recognition Through ‘They-See Cypher’

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Xpolymer Dar is a pakistani rapper and a member of the Rap Engineers. They can be credited as the pioneer hip-hop crew from Pakistan representing Pakistani hip hop scene and a battle rapper as well and the president of ‘They-See Battle League’. Xpolymer Dar recently collaborated with Team Back Pack which is an organisation that supports hip-hop artists throughout the world. Team Back Pack considered They-See Battle League’s first event ‘Dangal‘ and contacted them. Dev Tejwani, the CEO of TBP truly preferred his track ‘Dangal ‘and from that point onwards they discussed various thoughts and conceivable outcomes. They shot ‘They-See Cypher’ a year ago and sent it to TBP and they really loved it.

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To give this project another dimension, Hashim Nawaz and Osama Com Laude  were added. Nawaz is the new wave in the Pakistani hip hop scene and Dar wanted him to be on the stage with him. Osama Com Laude is one of the pioneers in the Pakistani hip-hop scene. He has been around for years and is surely one of the best English rappers in the Pakistan’s desi hip-hop scene right now and has a major contribution in hip hop music industry

Ghauri is the man behind all the sound and the management parts of TSBL. He has proven his worth time and again and it can be seen in this project as well. Other than that, they have a track coming out called ‘CPEC‘ and it’s by Rap Engineers as well.

Listen to To ‘They-See Cypher’ here: